iMOPSE (Intelligent Multi Objective Project Scheduling Environment) is a project which aims to provide the tools that allow users to optimize various schedules using a variety of heuristics or metaheuristics, such as Evolutionary Algorithm, Differential Evolution, Tabu Search, Simulated Annealing, Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization and their hybrids.

We are interested in solving the practical Software Project Scheduling Problem. We defined Multi-Skill Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem (MS-RCPSP) and benchmark dataset.


We will collect best optimized schedules and informations about the methods that were used for their optimization. You can get all solutions and information about them on the download page.

Last update [07.02.2020] Paper: Myszkowski P.B., Laszczyk M., "Diversity based selection for many-objective evolutionary optimisation problems with constraints",
has been submitted to: Information Sciences

MS-RCPSP has been extended to 5-objective optimisation problem (many--objective optimisation).

Details here.

Last update [04.09.2019] Paper:
"A Specialized Evolutionary Approach to the bi-objective Travelling Thief Problem" by Maciej Laszczyk, Paweł B. Myszkowski (DOI:
is the best student paper in 14th International Symposium Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AAIA'19)

Details here.

Last update [20.07.2019] NTGA method has achieved 3rd place in (GECCO2019) - Bi-objective Traveling Thief Competition.
GECCO'19 certificate: GECCO certificate

Details here.

News [5.07.2019] Two publications have been accepted for FEDcsis AAIA.

Details in the references section

News [20.06.2019] Multi-objective MS-RCPSP -- NTGA method.
Simple comparision of NSGA-II and NTGA -- here (animated GIF, ~3,2MB)

Details in the references section

Last update [15.06.2019] Publication list has been updated.

Details in the references section

iMOPSE project is realised by:

Department of Computational Intelligence

Wrocław University of Technology
Wrocław University of Science and Technology

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